Thursday, July 21, 2011

Goof Troop

As promised, here is another cue. I did Goof Troop this time. I'm sure most of y'all are familiar with this one (of course my wife wasn't, so maybe not).

I actually downloaded a bunch of intros to cartoons in the 90s and will be doing some more of them as I love living in nastalgia-ville!

Goof Troop (8-Bit)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tour of Duty

Finally got around to making another 8-bit cue. This one happens to be of my favorite song, which was the song for the main titles of the show, "Tour of Duty." The song is Paint it Black by The Rolling Stones.

I plan on making another one soon (given my schedule doesn't overload again).

Tour of Duty (8-Bit)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hawaii Five-O

Got another 8-bit cue for y'all! Here's the Hawaii Five-O theme in all its 8-bit glory.

I've got a couple more up my sleeves that I'll be working on shortly. I've been challenged to do a more difficult song than these past ones that have a clear melody and no lyrics.

So...we'll see what the future holds. In the mean time, enjoy...

Hawaii Five-O (8-Bit)

Human Target

Here's a more current theme. It's an 8-bit version of the Human Target main title (the original - from season 1 by Bear McCreary).

Human Target

Magnum, p.i.

Here's an 8-bitification of the Magnum, p.i. theme. Enjoy!

Magnum, p.i.

The A-Theme

Alright, so for the first installment, here is the A-Team theme in 8-bit gloriousness!

The A-Theme

My Intentions...

Hello all! So, my intentions with this blog are to house all of the 8-bit songs I write. I have another blog (called Compose Myself) where I post a bunch of music that I write, whether or not it airs. I've lately been getting into writing 8-bit versions of familiar songs. So far, I've done the A-Team theme, the Magnum P.I. Theme, the Human Target theme, and the Hawaii Five O Theme. I'll post those on here very soon. I figured I'd give a separation of score for television/games/films and 8-bit scores.

I think I also a little bored and wanted to create a second blog anyway. it is!

I look forward to adding to the library.